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Voluptas Breast Enhancement Review

Voluptas is developed for women who are looking for natural breast enhancement products.  Breast development is often derailed by lifestyle choices and in many cases, a woman just wants firmer or slightly larger breasts. Whatever your reasons for considering breast enhancement; you have likely researched several options including plastic surgery. If you have not done so, you may like to first read our articles : how to firm breasts? and how to increase breast size? before going further.

Implants have been wildly publicized and sometimes criticized, regardless of opinion however one thing is certain, surgery is expensive not to mention the breast implants risk. This leaves many women feeling like they have no other options, which is precisely why a new line of products such as Voluptas has emerged known as breast enhancement supplements.

Compare Voluptas with Other Breast Supplements

Since there are such a large number of supplements available today you may be wondering how Voluptas stacks up against the competition. Many of these products claim to increase breast size but Voluptas claims that it is one of the few that is actually clinically tested and doctor approved for breast enhancement. According to them, studies have shown this supplement to be effective at increasing cup size, overall circumference and lift of your breast.

Unfortunately, we could find much success stories on their website.  We were hoping they will add more to support their claims and that it will work for most women.

(For success stories of other breast enhancements products, check out zoft breast gum success stories and breast success pills success stories)

How Does Voluptas Work?

How can a simple pill have any effect on your breast tissue? That is a very good question, and the answer is by stimulating estrogen receptors in the body that stimulate breast tissue growth. To put it more simply this natural product affects the hormones that determine breast size.  It contains many natural substances known to effectively increase breast tissue including saw palmetto, wild yam, blessed thistle, licorice root and many others. Voluptas also contains essential vitamins for health such as Vitamin C and B6.

Voluptas Usage

The recommended dosage for Voluptas is two tablets twice a day for a total of four tablets in a 24-hour period. You should not expect to see visible changes in the first couple of weeks. According to the manufacturer, this supplement will begin to give you visible results in about 5 months give or take and suggests you continue on the program for at least 6 months to ensure the changes are permanent.


As with any type of supplement, you should consult a physician before beginning the program especially if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or planning to become pregnant in the very near future. Those who are on prescription medications for other medical conditions will also want to check with their doctor before taking Voluptas natural breast enhancement supplements.


The question most people have about products such as this is do these breast enhancement pills really work?

With Voluptas, the claims on their website suggests that it will indeed give you larger breasts if you take it as directed.  Voluptas may be just is a viable program for enhancing your bust size.

However, always remember that there is no one brand that works for everyone. Other popular brand you may want to evaluate include Breast Success or Zoft Breast Gum (check out personal stories from users of breast success pills and zoft breast gum). 

If you are new to natural breast enhancement products and are looking for a breast enhancement solution, there are also Breast Actives, Bust Fuel or Embrace.  All these advocates the use of pills and creams together. For some women, using pills and creams combo together can achieve far betters results than just the pills.

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