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Perfig Breast Enhancement

Perfig is a breast enhancement pill that claims to achieve breast enhancements with a whole new set of herbal powders and extracts.  With over 100 breast enhancement products on the market it is difficult for any one product to stand out as significantly different from the rest, as most of these types of products depend on varying amounts of the same herbs to produce their results.

While most breast enhancement products uses blessed thistle, wild yam, and saw palmetto and other ingredients to achieve their goal, Perfig uses Abuta.

Perfig Ingredients

The main ingredient in Perfig according to their official website is Abuta which they claim is a rare herb that is a natural hormone that affects the size of the aureole which in turn increases the size of the entire bust.

Perfig lists all their other ingredients with the amounts of each ingredient used however, they do not tell what any of these herbs are supposed to do and with ingredients with names such as ficus bengolenis and Asparagus racemonsus, unless you are a herbalist you aren't going to have the vaguest idea if any of these ingredients will do what the product claims to do.

Checking with your physician which is always a wise course of actions is certainly advisable in the case of this product as the ingredients are so uncommon and vary considerably from the ingredients of other breast enhancement products.

Perfig - Does it work?

That being said, testimonials from satisfied customers does claim that this product works with results being, an increase in cup size averaging between 1 and 3 cup sizes in breast growth. However, there aren't very many testimonials published on the Perfig websites and none could be found elsewhere. This is in sharp contrast with some other popular products such as Zoft Breast Gum or Breast Success Pills

It should be noted that after achieving the cup size you desire that in order to keep the gains you have made in your bust size you have to continue to take a lower dosage of Perfig on a lifetime basis. Users who have found success with this product are committed to using this product for the long haul daily in order to maintain their cup size which may be something most potential customers may want to consider.

While the Perfig is significantly cheaper to purchase than other breast enhancement plans the fact that you will be using this product for life may in the end make it no less expensive than some of the other breast enhancement products on the market.

Money Back Guarantee

Perfig does offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee minus shipping if you are not happy with their product.

The lack of testimonials, outside product reviews, and independent testing of this product makes it difficult to determine if Perfig does what it claims to do. Considering the fact that the ingredients for this product are totally different than the ingredients in other breast enhancement products, it is important that you talk with your medical professional before purchasing and using Perfig to enhance your breasts.

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