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Natural Curves Breast Enlargement

Many women today feel a lack of self confidence due to their bust size. In a world where most people judge others by the way they look, a woman who has too small a bust can feel embarrassed and lack the self confidence they need in today's social and business environment.

Breast enhancement surgery simply seems to be invasive and expensive. Which means many women are searching for a alternatives to breast augmentation surgery.

In order to meet, the need of these women Bio Tech has developed a breast enhancement pills called natural curves that is supposed to work with a woman's own system to enhance the size of their breast when taken regularly.

They also have a gel, that provide temporary enhancement for those special occasions.

Natural Curves - How it Works

The first question many women ask is "Can Natural Curves pills really make my breast grow?"

According to the Natural Curves official website, a woman's breast size is determined by two things, genetics and the proper release of hormones. When women don't eat a balanced diet or when their hormonal levels drop to below normal levels then their breast growth ceases and in some cases of older women their cup size can actually decrease.  A balance breast enhancement food and diet plays an important role in any breast enhancement program.

While the herbal supplements in the Natural Curves supplement can't do anything about genetics, Bio Tech does believe that by stimulating hormonal function a womans breasts can grow to their full potential.

To accomplish this Bio Tech has combined various herbs know to help stimulate or imitate hormonal growth into a pill form that they claim will not only firm and tighten sagging breasts but will actually stimulate natural breast growth.

You can find a list of herbal ingredients on their website and many of these ingredients are indeed used to help the pituitary gland, which is where hormones are made, function more effectively while other herbs such as fenugreek is used to stimulate breast function in lactating mothers.

They say the optimal use time for most women is between 3-8 months.

Compare Natural Curves with Other Breast Enhancement

Unlike many other breast enhancement pills on the market that claim their product results in permanent breast growth, Natural curves state that once you achieve maximum breast growth you need to take their supplements for 2 or 3 weeks every 3 to 4 months to keep that growth and remain firm. 

In addition to their pills, Natural curves also offers a gel that can firm your breasts and make them appear a bit larger on a very temporary basis (about 5 hours). This gel is designed for women who want to immediately have firmer breast for that special occasion or that trip to the beach. The gel can be applied up to three times a day.

Other pills products in the market include Breast Actives, Breast Success and Bust Fuel.  Other than pills, Breast Actives and Bust Fuel also include breast enhancement creams to enhance the pills results. 

Make sure to compare through all options before deciding on one particular option. 


Natural curves does offer a money back guarantee of 40 days for their pills and 30 days for their gel.

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