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Megabust Natural Breast Enlargement

In an effort to offer women a non-invasive breast enhancement option, breast enhancement supplements, breast enhancement creams, sprays and even breast gum have flooded the market.

Currently the problem isn't trying to find a natural way to increase breast size and firmness; it is trying to figure out what product to use. With so many options on the market it can be difficult to decide who is offering a legitimate product that will work and who is just trying to take the money and run.

What is Mega Bust?

One product that is currently in the market is Megabust. The interesting thing about Megabust is that they are not marketing themselves as breast enhancement supplements. Instead they are proclaiming themselves "The Ultimate Female Sexuality Enhancement Product on the market today."

They claim that their product does more than just improve and increase breast size and firmness, but that it also enhances the sexual experience for women. According to the manufacturer you can actually take the product for either reason, to enhance your breast or improve your sex drive.

Compare Mega Bust to Other Breast Enhancements Products

Interestingly, while most other breast enhancement supplements do not market themselves as a sexual enhancement product, if you read through some of their personal stories such as those by Zoft Breast Gum users or Breast Success PIlls users, many also claim these supplements have improved their sexual life.

There is another product on the market that is marketed as a breast enhancement supplement that also claims to improve your sex life and that is Firmestra.

The difference between Frimestra and Megabust is that Firmestra only contains the same ingredients that most other breast enhancement products do. While they claim that their product impacts libido and orgasms, their ingredient list offers nothing to support that. Their response is that it was "accidentally and unintentional." Megabust however offers you a list of ingredients for their product and they categorize their ingredients based on their use.

MegaBust Ingredients

For example, for the breast enlargement benefit the product contains blessed thistle, fennel, fenugreek, Mexican yam, saw palmetto and Nigella Stavia. All of which are very popular and proven herbs that have been shown to enhance breast size.

The ingredients that are in the capsule to give your libido a boost include sativari, damiana, ashwagandha and avena sativa. The herbs that are said to increase the orgasm are ginger, ginkgo, niacin and L-histadine.

Now, one should note that herbs such as ginger and ginkgo are not known for their impact on one's sex life. They are known for improving circulation and helping the body get rid of waste products such as bile. The only possible benefit they would have to one's sex life is the fact that they increase the circulation, which will help improve the blood flow to not only the genital area but the rest of the body as well. On the Megabust website, they offer you the list of ingredients and a hyperlink to each herb so that you can read for yourself what each herb actually does.

Money Back Warranty

They do offer a 90 day money back guarantee. The stipulation is that you have to see "no results" in that 90 day period.  Their site offers a number of testimonials, and they group the testimonials by why a person is using the product. So you can see the customer feedback from those that wanted breast enhancement, those that wanted breast enhancement and libido help and those that only used it for the libido benefits.

As with any supplement, it is important that you talk to the your medical care professional before using this product to make sure it is safe for you. 

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