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Most women who are looking for a breast enhancement product have probably heard of Latavi, as this product is advertised mainly through the print media and on the radio. Like other breast enhancement products, Latavi claims to firm your breasts and enhance your cup size. They claim their product has been helping women gain the bust size they want for ten years.

Latavi - How it Works?

According to the Latavi official website, Latavi "helps dramatically enlarge, tone and lift your breasts." They do this by a combination of gel that you apply to your breasts and by capsules taken internally.

Latavi Ingredients

There are no ingredients listed on their website so those wanting do research on this product are going to have a difficult time. It is also doubtful whether your health care professional will be willing to okay you taking a product unless he knows what the ingredients are.

Latavi - Does it Work?

The official Latavi site does offer a few testimonials but, much fewer than other comparable products.  This is in sharp contrast with some of the other products. (Check out Zoft Breast Gum and Breast Success PIlls stories)

Some feedbacks can also be found on the Internet about users who tested this product.  Common "complaints" were many did not see an increase in cup size though they did experience some firming of the breast.  In a few cases, some of those who tested the product experienced a slight swelling of the breast though not of a full cup size.

A few even mentioned even when they continued taking this product, within a short period of time, their breasts returned to their original size and shape.

Without more testimonials or a clinical trials to show that Latavi does result in permanent breast enhancement at least for some women, it is difficult to determine if this product has had any real success in that area. While we cannot find any harmful side effects from the using of this product, neither were we able to find any out there to prove any lasting success.

Compare Latavi to Other Herbal Breast Enhancing Products

Latavi is a very expensive product costing approximately $90.00 per month. Women seeking a breast enhancement system might want to seek a more established system that offers more reviews, more testimonials and a comparable or lower price.

Money Back Guarantee

Latavi offers a 30 day money back guarantee for those wishing to try their product.


Latavi may well be a breast enhancement product that does exactly what it says it does at least for some users. However, without more information available it is difficult for those who want to try a breast enhancing product to determine if this product is right for them.

If you are considering using this product or any other breast enhancement product it would be best to consult your health professional to ensure that the product you are trying is perfectly safe and won't cause problems if combined with medications you are already taking.

Most breast enhancement systems seem to be safe with no adverse side effects.  There is no evidence to suggest that Latavi is not 100% safe.  However, it is always in your best interest to consult a medical professional before starting any supplement.

If you are new to natural breast enhancement products and are looking for a breast enhancement cream solution, another option is Breast Actives which consists of combo of pills and creams solution. If you do not mind taking pills or gum, you can also take a look at Breast Success or Zoft Breast Gum.

These are some alternatives to Latavi.  Do remember to compare through several products before choosing one for yourself. 

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