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Herbal Breast Enhancement Products - Top Ten Questions (FAQs)

If you're considering herbal breast enhancements in an attempt to enlarge your bust size, then you've probably got some questions.

Here are ten of the most frequently asked questions and answers about herbal breast enhancement:

1. What are the herbs most commonly used in herbal breast enhancement and how do they work?

There are a variety of herbs commonly used in breast supplements of this type.

They include fennel seed, dong quai, Mother's wort, L-Tyrosine, Mexican wild yam root, blessed thistle, black cohosh, hops flower and more.

Each one of these ingredients has its own beneficial use yet works well in conjunction with the other ingredients.

For example, fennel seed contains flavonoids which impart a mild estrogenic effect while dong quai is used for regulating hormonal balance among other things.

2. Are the herbs used in herbal breast enhancement safe?

In general, the herbs used in herbal breast enhancement are considered safe for use. However, any herb may interact with other prescription medications, supplements or even over the counter drugs.

This is why if you are taking other things or if you have an existing medical condition, you should seek the advice of a doctor or herbal specialist before taking herbal breast enhancement.

3. Are the results from using herbal breast enhancement permanent?

Once you have reached your enlargement goal, you can stop taking the supplements.

You may experience a slight reduction in volume but you will retain larger breasts indefinitely.

Some women choose to go on a maintenance dose or repeat treatment at a later time to ensure lasting results, although this sometimes may not be necessary.

4. Do herbal breast enhancement work for everyone?

While herbal breast enhancement work for most women, they probably aren't going to work for everyone because nothing is 100 percent effective all of the time.

Based on the high success rates of other women who've tried this form of breast enhancement, there is a good chance they will work well for you.

To learn more, you may like to read about the before-and-after users experiences of Zoft Breast Gum and Breast Success Pills.

5. How long until results from herbal breast enhancement can be seen?

Because everyone is different, the duration before results are achieved may also be different from woman to woman.  It can also varies between different products.  For example, for Breast Success, the product website reports achieving an enhancement of up to a 1/2-cup-size per month, while also experiencing enhanced firmness and fullness1 for their users.

6. How much larger will herbal breast enhancement make my breasts?

Because all women are different, results are often different. You can expect your breasts to grow anywhere from one to three cup sizes. As previously mentioned, some women see results quickly while others need to take the supplements for a longer amount of time before maximum results are obtained. Your breasts should reach their maximum possible size after nine months.

7. Will herbal breast enhancement cause weight gain or loss?

Herbal breast enhancement do not cause weight gain or weight loss. The herbal breast enhancement products themselves are basically calorie free and do not contain any ingredients which could affect the metabolism in a negative way. If anything, some of the ingredients may have a stimulating effect on the metabolism that is safe and natural.

8. Do herbal breast enhancement have an effect on birth control?

Herbal breast enhancement do not have any effect on birth control pills, injections, patches or other forms of pregnancy prevention. Therefore you can safely take these breast supplements while continuing with your normal birth control routine.

9. Do herbal breast enhancement have an effect on sexual desire?

The good news is that herbal breast enhancement often have the welcome side effect of increasing sexual desire in women. The fact is that many of the herbs used in these breast products contain libido enhancing properties which are safe and effective. Fenugreek is the main ingredient thought to enhance desire but other herbs like dong quai and saw palmetto may also contribute. Saw palmetto is already known to be an effective libido enhancer for men.

10. Why is the massage necessary?

Though massage plays a part in the breast enhancement program by stimulating the absorption of ingredients, it is not really necessary in all programs. There are many women who reported great results just by taking the breast enhancement products without doing breast massage.

As you can see from these questions and answers, herbal breast enhancement products are generally safe, effective and natural. This is why they are so well-tolerated by the majority of women who use them.

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