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Firmestra Breast Enhancement Capsules

Firmestra is a breast enhancement capsules that is currently on the market. Formulated and developed by Dr. Geraldine Harper, a medical researcher with more than 20 years experience studying herbs.

Firmestra promises to change your breasts size/firmness in as little as 30 days. However as you read through their site and the testimonials you will note that most them takes more than the promised 30 days. Perhaps it is the side effects of Firmestra, which is an increased libido and more intense orgasms, is one reason why no one seems to be complaining that it does not meet its 30 day promise.

How Firmestra Works?

The breakdown of how Firmestra works is this.

In the first 30 days, many women report a feeling of fullness. For women that have been pregnant, you will have an idea of the feeling that you should be experiencing in the first 30 days. During the next 30 days you should begin notice that your breast feel firmer and in the 90 to 120 days of using the product as directed you should notice a significant increase in breast size.

The product works by stimulating the body to "mimic" specific required hormones that cause the body to deposit the fatty tissue in the breast area. The hormones that are required are prolactin, estrogen and progesterone, which are naturally occurring hormones in a females body.

One thing that is missing from the explanation provided on the website is how Firmestra strengthens that connective tissues of the breast (to prevent sagging and increase firmness) and how the ingredients in the capsules actually enhance orgasms or increase libido.

Firmestra Ingredients

The ingredients in the product are very similar to those found in other breast enhancement supplements such as Fennel, Kelp, Fenugreek, Dong Quai, wild Mexican yam and saw palmetto.

The capsules also contain blessed thistle, damiana, L-tyrosine and Mother's wort.

It is true that damiana is considered an aphrodisiac but it is also found in many breast enhancement supplements that do not tout that they enhance the sexual experience.  Mother's Wort is actually shown to help with relaxation and stress. So the ingredients that cause the extra benefits of Frimestra are yet to be known.

One would have to suspect that the increase in the sex drive is more related to the increase in breast size and the woman being happy and confident with her "new" bounty then what she was before. While there is not scientific research to support our reason or the claim made by the manufacturer, ours is more plausible.

Other Benefits

The plus of using Firmestra is that they actually offer you a 1 year money back guarantee which surpasses any other guarantee in the industry. They state that all you have to do is email them for refund instructions, send them the products back and they will refund your money in 3 to 6 days.

We did a little investigation on the web and found a couple of people who claim to have requested a refund and never received it, and there wasn't any rebuttal from the company.

When starting any new supplement, diet or exercise program is important that you consult with your medical professional first to make sure that the product is safe for you.

Compare Firmestra to Other Breast Enhancement Products

If you are new to natural breast enhancement products and are looking for a breast enhancement cream solution, another option is Breast Actives which consists of combo of pills and creams solution. If you do not mind taking pills or gum, you can also take a look at Breast Success or Zoft Breast Gum.

These are some alternatives to Firmestra.  Do remember to compare through several products before choosing one for yourself. 

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