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How to Make Boobs Bigger - 8 Natural Ways to Bigger Breast Without Surgery

Ever wish you can have bigger boobs? You're not alone!

There are many women who are not happy with their boobs size.  However, it is very important not to lose sight of the big picture.

If you're a teen, for example, it's important to understand that everyone's breasts develop at different times and at different rates. Even if your breasts are fully matured, think (at least) twice before deciding to go under the knife (read about Breast Implants Risk).

Instead, try out one of these tips below to make your breasts look bigger. 

Note : If you are using a herbal breast enhancement products such as breast enhancement creams, breast enhancement pills or breast enhancement gum, remember to learn more about breast enhancement food before starting any of these programs.

Ways To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

  1. Get the Right Size Bra. Go to any of the lingerie stores (e.g. Victoria's Secret) to have the stores measure them for you for free.

    Try the bra and make you are are feeling comfortable. An non-fitting bra will not only make you feel uncomfortable, it is also difficult to make it look the way you want it to be. Another way to measure the bra size is to do it yourself. Use the measurement as a starting point to try out the actual thing.. 
  2. Get help with push-up or padded bra. Push-up bras helps push up your cleavage together. Padded bras add heft to your breasts.  Choose a bra that have both!

    Another option is to get the gel bras, air bras or water bras.  They are more comfortable and work the same way.  However, these alternatives move better with your breasts and thus making your breasts appear more natural.. 
  3. Get bra inserts. There are many types.  You can get either the foam inserts, air inserts or the gel inserts.  As the name imply, the inserts are made to be inserted into your bra.  The result is similar to that of a push-up or padded bra mentioned above. 

    Silicone inserts are a bit different.  Instead of being inserted into the bra, they are worn directly on the exterior of the breasts.  This makes it look more natural than other inserts mentioned above and is a great alternatives to the internal inserts. 
  4. Proper wearing of bra. Other than choosing the correct bra size, it is also important to wear it correctly.  Proper wearing of the bra can makes your breasts size looks at least one size bigger.  Don't believe? Try this.  Try lifting your bra under your breasts so that the bottom of your bra is just underneath it. See what we mean? 
  5. Choose the correct outfits.  Things you wear on the outside does matters!

    T-shirts: Get t-shirts that has high & asymmetrical necklines.  This is especially true if you have long and slender arms.  A sleeveless t-shirts will draw people's attention to them and in turn will give the illusion that you have a larger breast size.

    Even though vees are much better than scoops, try not to use deep v-necks or those really low scoop-necks. Using tighter fitting tops can give far better results.

    Blouses: Use a narrow v-neck fitted blouse will accentuate your breasts. Avoid blouses that are too big or flowing.  Topped this with things such as lace, breast pockets or a wide lapels will also give the impressions of you having larger breasts too. 
  6. Herbal breast enhancements methods. Other than using external factors (e.g. bra, inserts, t-shirts) to make your breast looks bigger, a more direct way is to make your breast grow!  A popular option is to use the herbal breast enhancements methods.  Some of the options for natural breast growth include breast enhancement pills, breast enhancement creams and breast enhancement gum.
  7. Breast Enhancement Exercise - Breast Enhancement Exercises won't give you larger breasts, but strengthening and toning the muscles beneath your bust can lift your breasts slightly. Perkier breasts will give the illusion of being larger. 
  8. The little tricks - crossing the bra straps. One little tricks you can do using your existing bra is to unhook the two straps at the back of the bra and interchange the hole they are fastened in. The results is the pulling up the breasts! Try it for yourself.  It works! 

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