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B2UP Bust Up Gum with Pueraria Mirifica

For those that are looking to increase their bust size but aren't interested in using creams, gels or consuming a supplement, B2UP has a product you may be interested in, Bust Up Gum.

Bust Up Gum is a chewing gum that when chewed three to four times a day is said, according to the website, increase your breast size 1 to 2 cups sizes in 1 month.

Can chewing this specially formulated gum really enhance your bust line? To find out we decided to take a closer look at the gum.

Does Bust Up Gum Work?

Let's start with the "research" that was done to prove the effectiveness of the product.

The makers of Bust Up Gum (also known as Body Make Gum) asked 10 women to test that gum1. Each woman was asked to take 10 tablets per day. Why 10 tablets, we aren't sure because that is more than the recommended dosage of the product, and the makers stress that you should not exceed the recommended dosage.

In one month, these 10 women who took more than the recommended dosage reported back with the results. Of the 10, 9 of them reported that their breast size had increased 1 to 2 cup sizes. Eight of the 10 women also reported that they not only increased their breast size but there was an added benefit of weight loss as well.

What does this tells us? It says that the makers asked women to test their product and take more than the recommended dose to get the results they were after.  It is also a concern that if you check out their FAQ page you will note that they use their "study" to tell other woman when to expect results, "70% of women noticed a change within the first month." (It does not point out that those women were taking more than the recommended dose each day.)

There is also a concern over their answer on how long a person is to take the product once they see the results they want.

Their statement is that most women will reached their maximum size at month 3 or 4, but if you feel confident after the 6th month you can stop using Bust Up Gum. They claim that months 5 and 6 are simply maintenance months.

They also point out that there is a possibility (a highly probable one) that after time your breasts will decrease in size and they will not be as firm because you are no longer consuming the Pueraria Mirifica, which is a dietary supplement. Naturally they also tell you that it is perfectly safe to use the product long term, or restart it at any time.

Bust Up Gum Main Ingredient - Pueraria Mirifica

What is Pueraria Mirifica? It is the "miracle compound" that is in Bust Up Gum. This plant compound is a phytoestrogen that has been clinically proven to enhance breast size in women by 80%. It has also been shown to be effective in the majority of women that use it, averaging about 93%.

There are other benefits, health related, that one can also receive from pueraria mirifica and those include improved circulation, increased vaginal secretions, healthier hair and skin, stress reduction, younger appearance, relief of menopausal symptoms and PMS relief.

Things to Know Before Taking Bust Up Gum

Bust Up Gum is not for everyone, anyone that is currently on any cancer or hormone related medication should not use Bust Up Gum. They also recommend that if you are on birth control, even low dose birth control that you not use Bust Up Gum because you will not get optimal results.

As with any new supplement, diet or exercise routine it is highly recommended that you talk with your medical care professional to make sure the supplement, even chewing gum, is safe for you to use.

Compare Bust Up Gum and Other Breast Enhancement Products

Bust Up Gum is often compared with Zoft Breast Gum.  While both are breast enhancement gum, it is important to know that these 2 products uses very different ingredients. 

The main ingredients used in Bust Up Gum is Pueraria Mirifica while Zoft Breast Enhancement Gum uses ingredients very similar to the Breast Success.

If you are looking at Pueraria Mirifica, another option is to look at Breast Actives.  Unlike Bust Up Gum, Breast Actives Program consists of Breast Actives Pills and Breast Actives Cream.  The Breast Actives Cream contains the active ingredients Pueraria Mirifica Extract.  Therefore it provides another option for people who prefer pills or creams solution over gum.  

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